1.  I support a FairTax because it is the fairest way for a free and equal society to tax its citizens.  I believe this will unleash capital for small businesses and create millions of jobs.
2. I believe government contracts should be awarded to American firms only.  I am committed to creating new jobs by rolling back oppressive federal regulations and tax laws.
3. I support tariffs and sanctions to level the playing field between American and foreign labor markets.  I believe we should impose economic sanctions on countries who do not abide by fair trade agreements and  who ignore human rights based on religion, race, gender or sexual orientation.
4. I am committed to repealing Obamacare because it’s a  job killer and was passed based on lies.  I believe free market solutions are the answer as well as frivolous lawsuit reform and prescription drug reform.
5. I  believe we  should enact term limits of 12 years for members of the house and senate and implement an “icongress” which would allow congressional members to work and vote from their home district.
6. I support the Liberty Amendments and a Convention of States.
7. I support a balanced budget amendment and believe we should immediately begin paying off our debt. (Link to Debt Clock)
8.  I support school choice for all parents and reforming the school curriculum to reflect a Classical education combined with a heavy emphasis on information technology and engineering. I think we should promote textbook costs/content reform with a new emphasis on the use of “itextbooks”.  I believe we should promote trade schools as an alternative to college.
8.  I support fully securing our borders because it’s basic to national security.  I believe we should deport illegals because it is unfair to the many folks who became American citizens the legal way, and with millions of Americans out of work the last thing we need is amnesty for millions of people who broke our laws.
9.  I believe it is my duty to roll back our massive federal government and give control back to the states.