The Ashworth Jobs Bill

Government contracts should only be awarded to American firms who employ American workers.  It’s time we put Americans first.
The American people spent billions of dollars bailing out the banks, who in turn outsourced American banking jobs overseas.  I believe that companies who choose to outsource American jobs should not benefit from taxpayer-subsidized tax breaks and should pay an outsourcing tax.  Additionally, companies that handle the personal information of American citizens should not be allowed to outsource the handling of that information to overseas firms.
In today’s technological age, companies have the ability to go online and hire someone overseas for about a quarter of what it would cost in America.  American businesses cannot complete due to the regulatory burdens we place on American companies. Whether it’s the EPA, IRS, Bureau of Land Mismanagement, or the Commerce Department, there are more regulations, forms, restrictions and requirements than ever before.  These agencies have taken a heavy toll on business creation.  The time and money spent appeasing these out-of-control government bureaucrats has costs our economy hundreds of thousands of jobs and it’s time we defang these agency’s and allow the American entrepreneurial spirit to flourish.
We have already lost much our auto-manufacturing, garment industry, data input, call center, order processing, mortgage, banking and insurance jobs, along with many high-tech, programming, and  engineering jobs.  The Democrats, crony-capitalist Republicans, and unions caused this to happen.  Government regulations and burdensome bureaucracy caused this to happen.
We need to establish minimum-wage-free zones to allow businesses to hire workers they otherwise could not afford.  Obamacare has caused employers to limit the number of hours they allow their employees to work and now many folks must work two part-time jobs just to survive.  We need to give the American worker the opportunity to work wherever there is work to be had. We need to give businesses the chance to hire additional staff and for entrepreneurs to start bringing jobs back from overseas.  The only way to do that is to reduce government regulations.
Obamacare is bad for the economy, small business, medicine, and the American people.  It needs to be repealed immediately.  Ultimately someone must pay the medical expenses for people who cannot afford them, however, subsidies, tax incentives and penalties imposed by the government, distort the free market which is exactly what keeps medical costs low and has enabled America to have the best hospitals, medical staff  and technologies in the world.  In addition to immediately repealing Obamacare, it’s time we address the need for frivolous lawsuit reform and prescription drug reform.
We should enact trade barriers and tariffs on countries’ that steal America’s secrets and violate free-trade laws.  It’s time we destroy the oligarchies overseas and at home.
It is vital to national security that we seal the border and we should hire as many people as needed to make that happen regardless of costs.  Mexico is a failed state and now that the Democrats have once again enabled nuclear weapons to proliferate into the hands of our enemies, sealing the border has never been of greater importance.
For the sake of future generations of Americans, we must become energy independent as soon as possible. We have enough oil, natural gas and nuclear power to be self-sufficient.  There is no good reason to send billions of dollars overseas to countries who hate us and work against or national interest.
We need to abolish the IRS and enact the FairTax.  The burden of compliance has ground business creation to a standstill, and not only that, the IRS has been infested with Liberals and is being used as a political weapon against the American people.  The only cure is its total destruction.