The Issues

Tax Exempt Status for Mosques:
Unlike every other religion in the modern world, Islam actively promotes the murder of any human being who disagrees with it’s tenets.  Modern day Islam can hardly be called a “religion” in the modern sense of the word, no more than the Manson cult could be considered a religion.
We need to immediately revoke the tax exempt status for all Mosques, as they are nothing more than a breeding ground for hatred and misogyny.
Infidels cannot solve the Moslem problem, it’s up to the Moslems themselves to reform their “religion”.  That will obviously not happen on its own, and I believe that unless the appropriate pressure is applied it will never happen. Revoking Islams tax exempt status and stopping the building of future mosques is a long needed first step.
Illegal Mexican Immigration:
I am against amnesty and believe that if someone is in the country illegally they should be ineligible for all government assistance, denied employment opportunities and arrested on sight and deported.  If you overstay your Visa, you have broken your promise and the law.  If you sneak over the border, you have broken the law.  What part of “illegal” don’t Liberals understand?  When you do something illegal, you get arrested, it’s that simple.  Mass immigration is bad for America, bad for the country they are leaving, bad for American workers…..and good for corrupt Democrats who pander to the worst instincts of their fellow man.
People ask me what I will do for the 8th District of Ohio if I am elected.  My answer is to explain what I will not be doing, and that is, I will not be “bringing home the bacon”.  If elected to Congress my personal mandate is to cut taxes and cut government.  I can hardly do that if I am beholden to big donors and constantly looking for pork projects to send back to my district.  That is why my campaign does not accept donations.   I am more concerned with cutting taxes and government regulations than trying to appease or schmoozing with the monied elite in Washington or at home.
The education system has been infested with Liberals who do nothing but shove their godless, Hollywood-perverted, politically correct, liberal agenda down our children’s throats.  I am for private schools and home-schooling.  Our teachers and educators have failed to prepare our children for the business needs of the future, and our college system has become nothing more than a money grab for liberal professors who blame America for the ills of the world and are protected by a corrupt system of tenure.
A perfect example is Common Core, which is less about educating our children than it is about promoting a liberal and politically correct agenda.
I am against the TPP because it is bad for American workers and it expands the power of faceless, unelected liberal democrats and crony-capitalists.
I support full legalization across the board and believe the federal government should have no say in the matter.